The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is a group of cities and towns in northeast Texas that is one of the largest population centers in the nation. Many of the suburbs or bedroom communities surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth are listed among the best places to live in the United States and Carrollton, Texas, one of the more northerly cities, is no exception. Located just over 14 miles from Dallas, Carrollton has been rated among the top 20 places to live in America by organizations like CNN Money magazine and Relocate America. The city's aesthetics and housing prices play into this rating of course, but one of the primary factors that appeal to Carrollton's 125,000 residents is its thriving economy.

Many people who live in Carrollton commute to Dallas or another Metroplex city for work. Only about 26% both live and work in the city. However, for those that stay in Carrollton, the unemployment rate, even during the current recession, is just 6.5%, about half a point less than the rate for the state as a whole. Add to this the affordability of living in the city (nearly 10 points below the national average) and a median household income of $63,000 ($15,000 higher than the Texas average) and you've got a recipe that attracts many new residents from Square One condos for lease and many other areas each year.

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In Carrollton's earliest days, agriculture was king. The arrival of the railroad turned it into a major shipping center for crops and livestock, and later the steel and gravel industries dominated during the wars. Today, Carrollton's economy is spread among a wide array of endeavors. Some of the most popular industries for men in Carrollton are construction, computers, and broadcasting. Meanwhile the female members of Carrollton's workforce prefer education, health care, and social work. Sizeable numbers of both sexes also work in scientific/technical services, tourism, administration, and finance.

Carrollton is home to the headquarters offices of a division of Halliburton as well as Accor North America, Home Interiors and Gifts Inc., Jokari, and FASTSIGNS International. Halliburton and Accor make appearances on the top list of the city's top employers, in second and seventh places, respectively, but the top spot is occupied by ST Microelectronics Semiconductors. Other big employers in the city include Hilton hotels, the Trinity Medical Center, and General Aluminum. As you can see from the diversity of industry represented on this list, Carrollton has opportunities for a wide range of skilled workers.

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